"Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheeshah"- ("Let the rulers rule the world with law and justice") "



To provide quality legal education, the IQAC is constituted which ensures continuous review and upgrading the level of teaching, library, office services and infrastructural facilities. It is an advisory body in all academic and non-academic matters. The IQAC monitors various programs for the enrichment of staff teaching competency and student’s performance. IQAC also review all the activities of the Institution in the end of the year and prepares plans for the subsequent academic year.

The structure of IQAC is as follows;

 Chairperson  Sri. V. Srinivasa, Principal
 Management Members  Sri. R.T. Dyavegowda
   Sri. C.R. Chandrashekar Iyer
 Teachers  Sri. Y.P.UdayaKumar
   Sri. HemanthKumar. H.S
   Sri. Subhash G.Plattotham
 Administrative Staff  Sri. Umesh M.B
   Smt. Veena
 Nominees from Local Society  Sri. H.P.Mohan
   Sri. Shivaramakrishniah.S
 Alumni representative  Sri. B. Chandrashekar
 Nominee from students  Sri. Dr. H.K.Palaksha
 Co-ordinator  Sri. Chandrahasa

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