"Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheeshah"- ("Let the rulers rule the world with law and justice") "

Moot Club

M.Krishna Law College is giving much importance on teaching of legal skills with the intention that the students must learn more about the practical aspects of the Lawyer’s work. To equip them with lawyering skills we have formed the MOOT CLUB. The students and the teachers guide them in all and required area.

The MOOT CLUB is formed to achieve the following objects

  • To provide opportunities to the students to equip themselves with the skills for participation in the proceedings of a court of law;
  • To train the students in practical lawyering;
  • To enhance the skills of communication both oral and written, i.e, in preparing pleadings, written arguments and address the courts;
  • To analyze the problems and ascertain the relevant area/areas of law involved in the problem i.e, identifying the issues or charges;
  • To enable the students to learn techniques of interviewing the clients and shifting and marshalling the facts and analyze them to develop a theory;
  • To train the students in conducting research referring the primary and secondary sources;
  • To train the students in preparing the moot memorials;
  • To learn the art of examination in chief and cross examination of witnesses;
  • To encourage the students to participate in the State and National level moot court competitions;
  • To encourage the students to participate in group discussions; and
  • To encourage the students to make public speeches.