"Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheeshah"- ("Let the rulers rule the world with law and justice") "


The College has a separate Anti-Ragging Cell under the guidance of the Principal, is constituted as per the guidelines of the UGC. However, no such instances have been reported so far as the College has a healthy tradition in which the senior students extend, a warm welcome to the freshers and provide them full support & guidance. This is how the College maintains a student friendly rapport which in turn goes a long way in developing a congenial academic atmosphere. The structure of the Cell is as follows;

Sri. Srinivasa. V , Principal

Sri. Chandrahasa, Assistant Professor
( Nodal Officer, Anti-ragging Cell), Cell. Ph: 8951527845; e-mail:chandrahasamklchsn@gmail.com )

Sri. Hemanath kumar.H.S. Assistant professor

NOTE : Students affected by the menace of any form of ragging may contact the above Nodal Officer, for the appropriate measures.