"Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheeshah"- ("Let the rulers rule the world with law and justice") "


The Red Cross inhibits the quality of service-mindedness and the spirit of nationalism. The Youth Red Cross Society is a part of Indian Red Cross Society. Students in colleges aged between 18 to 30 are called member of Youth Red Cross. The main objectives of Youth Red Cross are:

  • Taking care of their own health and that of others;
  • Understanding and accepting of responsibility;
  • Maintaining a spirit of friendliness and helpfulness towards other children in India;
  • Dissemination of the Red Cross Movement.

Towards this endeavour M. Krishna Law College has conducted various programmes like; guest lectures, HIV/AIDS awareness programs, blood donation camps, and educate the students to know the importance of health and also render help to the needy and the poor.


  • Celebration of World Geneva Convention day, by a fund raising campaign through a procession in the public was conducted;
  • Visit to Old Age Home and Orphanages were also organized;
  • Health checkup and Blood donation camps were arranged;
  • Special lectures on HIV/AIDS was organized.